The Cushman School

Miami, USA

Society and Me is Cushman High School’s highly engaging required program that is designed to facilitate students development as agents and innovators of change. As students research and become exposed to issues of our time, they pose a big question for the world to answer while framing a local challenge question on which they create a solution. Through partnerships, internships and the underpinning of required core competency classses such as Design, Art and Technology, Society and Constitutional Law, Communication techniques and Financial Management, students are able to apply knowledge in unique ways to solve complex issues that contribute to making the lives of others and the world a better place. With 188 students in our high school, there are 188 issues being addressed!

Cushman Virtual is the newest division of The Cushman School (a 98 year old independent school in Miami) which addresses needs of students in a personalized way. The flexible learning environments include hybrid, in-person or fully virtual classes that not only meet students’ academic needs, but, also include an array of virtual and, in-person, opportunities for social-emotional development and important relationship-building. Cushman Virtual intersects personalization with the importance of making connections.obortunity applies different activities, ice breakers, and games through the Training of Youth under the Hi5 methodology.