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Laurie Faith

Evidence-based practice for developing self-regulated learning is rarely applied in typical classrooms. This can be a huge loss for typical learners and disastrous for students with ADHD, Autism, and LD. This 10-12 minute talk will quickly unpack the story behind this shortfall, and identify the feasible “patch” that can be used to interrupt and correct the problem.  

Bio: Dr. Laurie Faith leads a movement for a socially shared, metacognitive teaching approach called “Activated Learning”. In 2021, Dr. Faith published a peer-reviewed book (Guilford Press) about this approach called Executive Function Skills in the Classroom: Overcoming Barriers, Building Strategies, co-written with Peg Dawson and Carol-Anne Bush. Laurie, with her writing partner Carol, is currently writing a second book with pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Adele Diamond. Dr. Faith has been teaching in special and typical classrooms for 17 years. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development at OISE / University of Toronto, she teaches, researches, and publishes on the topic of special education, teacher pedagogy, and executive function.

Peter Gamwell

From the lasting impacts of COVID to increasing environmental and economic concerns, we’re living in an Age of Complexity that will likely be with us for generations to come. How then can schools and organizations change their learning environments to foster innovative thinking in students when the Age of Complexity is always at the forefront? Peter Gamwell will describe three imperatives and four conditions that you can implement immediately to cultivate the seeds of brilliance in your staff, your students, your classrooms, or your business or organization. 

Jackie Eldridge

With many years as an elementary school teacher, a teacher educator, university administrator, keynote speaker and author, Jackie is passionate about inspiring people to be the best they can be so they will be agents of change. Her work at Hearts and Minds Matter is grounded in her belief that living, learning and working environments must be safe, nurturing communities where people have what they need to thrive and grow. Jackie believes that all people can make a difference in the world when they are able to tap into their own understanding of self and others. Jackie’s doctoral research on the ethics of care demonstrates her core value of the importance of caring connections in all of life’s relationships.

Jackie is the co-author of Hearts and Minds Matter: Creating Learning Environments Where All Students Belong; author of The Freedom Journal: Silencing the Critic to Free Yourself for Possibility; Mindfulness: 15 Tips for Beginning a Mindfulness Practice, co-author of How to Be a Great Elephant and the co-creator of Intentional Emotional Intelligence cards for children and adults. Jackie is currently writing a new educational text entitled: Trauma-Informed Classrooms: Hearts and Minds Really Matter.

Pam Ranelli

Pam holds a B.A. and BEd from St. Francis Xavier University, a Graduate Certificate in Education Psychology from the University of Calgary and a Masters in Education from Dalhousie University. In addition, she recently completed a Change Management Certificate from Cornell University.

Known as an inspiring leader, with outstanding communication skills and the ability to develop effective, motivated, and collaborative teams. Pam is excited to now be consulting with school districts across Western Canada as part of the Well at Work Advisor team with the EdCan Network. Pam is a champion for inclusive systems that bring out the best in kids, teachers and other important education staff that support them!

Bio: Pam has been involved in K-12 education for over 40 years. She has been a classroom teacher, itinerant teacher for children who are blind or visually impaired, a principal, Director of Inclusive Learning, Assistant Superintendent of Learning and a Senior Manager with Alberta Education. She retired as Superintendent of Foothills School Division in Alberta in 2019.

Education is the catalyst to the world and the future for our children. A good public education system is the bedrock of a successful society and community. Coming out of this pandemic it is our opportunity to not only ask the questions “Are the kids alright?” but how are the teachers, paraprofessionals and others that lead learning every day in our classrooms? What are the changes or conversations that we need to have to support each other going forward?

Jordan Tinney

Jordan is recently retired as Superintendent of one of Canada’s largest school districts in Surrey, BC. Serving previously on three other Boards, he knows places large and small, rural and urban. With a Ph. D. in curriculum, a Masters in Leadership, and a Certified Evidence-Based Executive Coach, Jordan now serves leadership and education as a strategic consultant. With a deep interest in leadership and ways to support effective governance, Jordan is currently working across Canada in numerous jurisdictions to support quality learning for all children. He recently led a two-year project to renew leadership competencies for system leaders in BC, and is an external advisor on Manitoba’s rewriting of leadership standards for school leaders. He also recently worked to author a series of papers on global leadership competencies and these papers are intended to be presented to the UN in November. Jordan now lives in Kelowna with his wife and son who is in grade 12, he enjoys getting out on his dirt bike with his son and also trying to improve his golf swing.

Ainsley Rose

Region Leader – GMT-8h Timezone

48 years as an award-winning educator. Began as a high school teacher and progressed to be an Elementary and Secondary Principal, and Director of Education in Quebec, Canada.
Now an author consultant, President of Thistle Educational Development Inc. Conference keynote presenter and professional development consultant with several organizations. Certified Visible Learning trainer and contributing author for several educational publications.
Married with three adult children and six grandchildren all living in West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Neil Fleming

Region Leader – GMT-7h Timezone

Principal of Dr. Wilbert Keon School on L’Isle-aux-Allumettes, Quebec, Canada, Neil Fleming divides his time between outdoor interests and work. He remains committed to educational improvement through school change and renewal. Learners are at the beating heart of his educational praxis and schools should embody this truth. Neil’s educational journeys have connected him to schools throughout North America, England and Latin America. With Angela, he has raised four adult children who continue to inspire and energize his life. An ardent Argentinophile, he looks forward to further adventures.


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