Arusha, Tanzania

Jobortunity supports disadvantaged youth by providing three core services: coaching & guidance, training, and job placement. We designed and implement strategies and approaches to prepare disadvantaged youth for the job market thereby bridging the employment gap. We set up a training program, Hi5 Training of Youth Program (TOY), developing disadvantaged youth the age of 18-25 years into confident professionals with the right attitude and skills that meet employment standards through close partnerships with companies. To achieve this, Jobortunity uses its own designed 3H and Hi5 approaches to guide and empower youth with the knowledge, skills, and most importantly the attitude to meet employment standards. Jobortunity’s main focus is on what we call 21st-century soft skills.

Jobortunity applies different activities, ice breakers, and games through the Training of Youth under the Hi5 methodology. Our students are observed and evaluated for the entire year of their learning and are working closely with their special trainers to develop and implement the PDP (Personal Development Plan). In simple words, the Hi5 approach applies different learning activities, evaluation/ observation, one on one coaching with students and Personal Development Plans to support vulnerable youth and break the poverty circle in their families and communities.

Age Level: 18 – 25 years old