50 innovators from all 5 continents

10 weeks

10 initiatives to re-create the future of learning.

The first of its type – an online open design collaborative worldwide project.

The ChangeEd Challenge will result in real life global educational innovations that can be implemented in schools:

A unique opportunity to interact with some of the world’s foremost education experts and impact the future of learning.

Join each of the innovators’ teams in designing, developing and planning breakthrough projects to redefine education.

Open, online, free, a groundbreaking collaborative effort to ignite change in education.

Interactive discussions on how schools can create a better future.

The Innovators

Our 50 innovators span the entire globe, covering all five continents, and bringing in a wealth of experience and expertise.

They are real life educators, who are active in the field, with a successful and proven track record of innovation. All of them have made significant positive impacts in leading and developing innovative projects in their respective countries, with a focus on greater good and creating the future of learning.

They will constitute a unique group of individuals who will be able to, literally, collectively jumpstart a new approach to global educational projects.

Our team of educational leaders worldwide is assembled by invitation only. If you know of any educator who should form part of our team or want to postulate yourself for our cohort, please email us at info@thelearnerspace.org

The Process

The process entails a 10-week sequence of online synchronous and asynchronous Design Thinking activities, which eventually evolve into fully developed educational projects, ready to be implemented. Participants will discuss, reflect, contribute resources, engage in live online group sessions, design iterations, provide feedback to each other, and gradually converge towards the development of global online projects.


A New Vision for the Future of Learning

A shared vision for the future of learning that acts as a rubric for the projects.


Investigating themes and topics and compiling a veritable treasure trove of learning resources.

Social Media Surveys

Formative feedback for the projects from educators worldwide.

Compatibility Matrix

Automated affinity algorithm in terms of both topics and skills to develop the teams.

Global Project Design

A step-by-step Design Thinking process for global project creation.

Innovation Playground

An open free-for-all forum for educational innovation.

The Projects

The projects themselves will evolve as participants share and develop a shared vision of the future of learning, identify critical themes and topics that underpin the principles of that future, and gradually work on design iterations to come up with real life global, online interconnected collaborative projects.

The scope, theme, and nature of these projects will be unveiled as the process unfolds, but key to their development is that they should be innovative, accessible, global, and foster worldwide collaboration and networking amongst educators and students.

Contributing to the ChangeEd Challenge

Our project is conceived as the first ever open design collaboration, inviting educators worldwide to interact with the innovators and help them develop and shape up their projects.

At numerous stages in the process, there will be open challenges, questions, requests for feedback, surveys, crowdsourcing of learning resources, and various other activities that will engage educators all over the world in providing a genuine context for the projects being developed.

Stay tuned to learn about engagement opportunities within the process and project development.

Register to Participate

Registered participants can take part in the various challenges during the 10 weeks of the project, watch exclusive videos, access all learning resources and materials, and engage in the week-by-week interactivities.

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About Us

The ChangeEd Challenge Is powered by The Learnerspace, an international organization whose purpose is to develop events, and other innovative face to face and online projects that help further the cause of changing education.

Following up on the success of 24 hours for Change in Education, the ChangeEd Challenge is the next step in the sequence of providing changemakers with a concrete opportunity to develop hands-on, real life educational projects that will have a significant impact on the future of learning.