Change in Education

24 hours for Change in Education

We all know that education needs to change, and it needs to change now. The time is now. We have access to all accumulated human knowledge, state-of-the-art tools, technology that is engaging and that can connect this globally.

24 hours for Change in Education is a worldwide marathon to advocate for change in education as well as act to make that change happen. Spanning the whole globe, in one hour segments, educators, speakers, students, families, will not only make their voices heard about the need to change education systems all over the world, but will also develop an organic roadmap for change, with ideas and examples of good practice.

The segments will feature:

Student presentations related to what schools should be, their ideas, preferences, and thoughts on how education should change. The event will feature a unique opportunity for a global student voice to emerge and be heard.

Inspirational talks. Some of the world´s leading educational authors, thinkers and speakers will share with us short presentations on their visions of the future of learning and how education can change.

Interactive polls, Q&A sessions, opinions and ideas from the public in each segment.

All segments will be live, online and streamed publicly on YouTube.

Videos, ideas, and the results of all interactions will be compiled and immediately available on the 24 hours for change in education website.

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