Why 24 hours for Change in Education?

Change is possible, improvements in education are needed always. Over the years, many school systems have become outdated and, in some cases, may now negatively impact students. Perhaps you as a teacher work with a curriculum that’s outdated and irrelevant or think education has become little more than memorization of facts for exams? Maybe you think it has failed to keep pace with society and no longer prepares students for the future? Whatever your viewpoint, we’d like to hear from you and invite you to take part. Share your ideas, what could be done, or what you are doing to make a difference. What are you doing in your school or classroom to ensure your students today are prepared for tomorrow?

24h for Change in Education will showcase what schools, teachers and students are doing to innovate and improve education worldwide over 24 hours on the October 20th, 2022. Despite the widespread consensus amongst educators about the need to change, and agreement on the underlying principles for the school of the future, many teachers and schools find themselves powerless to innovate. Current school systems can be inflexible with many constraints, a rigid approach and, suffer from inertia: changing things that have always been done in the same way is never easy. But change is possible and that’s why we’d like to invite you to share any examples of innovative practices in your school or classroom. Together, it’s possible!

24 hours for Change in Education is a one-day event that spans the globe! It starts in New Zealand and ends in Hawaii. It covers 24 time zones consecutively: we will cross the world from east to west, advocating and mobilizing teachers, students and families, as well as some of the world’s leading experts in education, to make change visible by sharing your ideas and best practises. During each and every one-hour block, we will share via interactive live stream and videoconference, your best ideas and proposals.

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