Paula Barberis

Region Leader - GMT-3h Timezone

Paula Barberis specializes in educational innovation. Her main focus is the inclusion of technology with purpose through student centered instructional design. She is currently the director of Learning at Egg Cooperation where she leads the development and implementation of innovative solutions for cooperation-based learning environments. She has over 20 years of experience in education and has been part of leadership teams in widely recognized schools in Argentina such as Carmen Arriola de Marin and St Andrew’s Scots School. She has also been consulting for big scale educational projects in Argentina and abroad, assisting the redesign of their learning landscapes and the effective use of space. Paula is a Teacher of English Literature (UCA), a Set designer (IUNA) and an Education and Technology specialist (UdeSA). She is part of the founding team of Festival Recreo and co-founder at Wintu, a consulting team dedicated to transforming learning practices.