Arturo Alejandro Archundia Gonzalez

Region Leader - GMT-6h Timezone

Alejandro is Professional Development Coordinator at Soluciones Exa/Sensei Learning. He is a writer, actor, psychologist, facilitator, Educateko and Educreador. He has published more than 12 e-books and has been working for many years in training teachers on new technologies and emerging pedagogies.

He pioneered the implementation of the Apple Professional Development in Mexico as well as leading the Apple Professional Learning community in Mexico.

In 2020 he designed a hybrid learning model, currently being implemented with great success in schools all over Mexico. He has developed creativity courses for adults, and as a teacher, he incorporated some unique techniques such as laugh-based therapy and clown´s noses in the classroom. He is currently working on a “Improteacher SPA” methodology, whereby through improvisation, emotions and theater, teachers can design creativity centered learning experiences based on Jacob Kounin´s pedagogy.